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Program Structure

What We Provide: 

        Before Our Sessions -

·      Consultation with league officials and umpires to identify and discuss specific training needs/problem areas (1-2 hours)

Training Sessions -

·       We will hold the number of sessions necessary to cover all eligible athletes and parents.  Sessions may be held over a one, two, or three day period (three days maximum).

·       Sessions are split – three types of training for adults, older and younger athletes. Athletes and parents meet separately.  League officials and umpires are welcome to attend all sessions as observers.

o   Adults:

§  300 attendees maximum per session

§  Sessions are 1 ½ to 2 hours long

o   Older Athletes  ( suggested ages 13-18)

§  150 attendees maximum per session

§   Sessions are 1 ¼ to 1 ½ hours long

o   Younger Athletes (suggested ages 10-12)

§   150 attendees maximum per session

§    Sessions are about one hour long


·       All materials, handouts, equipment (computer, screens, slide projector) promotional items

After Our Sessions - 

·       Consultation with league officials if we identify specific areas of concern resulting from sessions

  •   Post-season follow-up conference to discuss training results and impacts

What You Provide:


      ·      Space (indoors) adequate for training sessions – may include gym, rec facility meeting room, auditorium, etc. 
      ·       Sound amplification system (if needed)
      ·       List of attendees for monitoring/sign in purposes


  • Our fee schedule and letter of engagement may be obtained by emailing us at
  • We will work with your group or organization to ensure a reasonable fee structure







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